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​About Wingless Angel

We Come to You

We are ready to assist you 7 days a week,

8 AM - 8 PM

We only use accredited crematoriums that follow strict rules of tagging and identification of pets at all times during the cremation process, to ensure that you are receiving your pet and only your pet if private cremation is elected and hand delivering them back within 7-10 business days or via mail, though USPS signature required if you elect that option.
We ONLY use Euthabag, and never plastic bags, which is an equivalent to an ecological human body bag, because we know you care about how your pet’s body will be handled after they pass. In our care we treat your pet with the utmost respect and allow them to depart with dignity and respect.

How to Use Our Services

You call us after your pet has passed at home. We will arrange for a no contact pick up of your pet from your home. You will have two options to decide how you want us to handle the after care of your pet through our pet cremation services.

Golden Retriever
Cat and Dog

Individual Cremation

This is for pet parents who would like pet cremains returned to them after the pet has been cremated separately. This option is ideal for pet parents who would like to keep their pets close in one of our beautiful, wooden, hand-carved pet urns, or perhaps to spread their ashes in a memorable place.

Group Cremation

It is a dignified way where your pet is gently placed in the crematory and  cremated with a group of other pets. This means that you will not be receiving your pet cremains back, as cremains will be buried at a pet cemetery.

Vizsla Dogs

Harriet Beecher Stowe

"The Bitterest tears shed over graves are
for words left unsaid and deeds left undone."

Reach Out

If you have any questions about our process.

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