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Cat With Blue Eyes


Our Mission

Wingless Angel was established to ensure the human-animal bond is kept sacred even after they have physically left us, providing respectful and dignified body care and cremation services. Our dog ashes services, cat ashes services, or services for any other pet will be just what you and your family need to heal.

Cremation Services

Opting for animal cremation is a dignified way to keep them close to you after they have departed our world. The void your pet leaves you with is very much real; we understand the overwhelming emotions because we've experienced them, too. We respectfully help you during the loss of your beloved pet as they pass at home. We don’t want you to worry about what to do. We are here to handle your pet’s after care with our gentle pet body removal process.


We only use accredited crematoriums that follows strict rules of tagging and identification of pets at all times during the cremation process, to ensure that you are receiving your pet and only your pet if private cremation is elected and hand delivering them back within 7-10 business days or via mail. Please note that USPS signature required if you elect the latter option.

We ONLY use Euthabag, and never plastic bags, which is an equivalent to an ecological human body bag, because we know you care about how your pet’s body will be handled after they pass. In our care we treat your pet with the utmost respect and allow them to depart with dignity and respect.

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