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3 Levels of Pet Cremation Services

Pick up fee $110 - After Hours Fee May Apply
Drive fee may apply

I have chosen private cremation: how will I receive my pet back?

We only use accredited Crematoriums that follows strict rules of tagging and Identification of pets at all times during the cremation process, to ensure that you are receiving your pet and only your pet if private cremation is elected and hand delivering them back ourselves within 7-10 business days or via mail USPS signature required if you elect that option. A $25 fee will apply for hand delivery. 

Group Cremation Services

No Ashes Returned

In this option, your pet is cremated in a dignified way with no ashes returned. This service cremates multiple pets in a Communal Cremation process and ashes are buried in a pet cemetery.

Up to 30 lbs: $185

Pets 30-60 lbs: $225

Pets 60-90 lbs: $270

Pets 90-150 lbs: $320

Pets 150-200 lbs: $370

Dog Portrait

Individual Cremation Services

Ashes Returned

In this option, your pet immediately receives numbered ID tag and is cremated separately. The tag is included in the urn when it is returned. We guarantee that you will receive the ashes belonging to your pet. Some pet owners choose this option in order to feel absolutely certain that they receive the ashes belonging to their pet.

Private Cremation includes an urn and engraving.

Up to 30 lbs: $290

Pets 30-60 lbs: $320

Pets 60-90 lbs: $420

Pets 90-130 lbs: $470

Pets 130-170 lbs: $530

Cat Staring Out of Window

Pet Memorial Products

Clay Paw Print: $60

Ink Paw Print: $35

Ink Nose Print: $35

Snippet of Pet’s Fur: no additional fee

A $25 shipping fee applies if you have elected Group cremation.

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